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Specifications :


  • Iridescent
  • Fine & Chunky Options
  • White/ Pink/ Purple/ Green
  • 3g



Our glitter can be used for cut creases, halo eyes, or pops of glitter under the eye ; whatever your heart desires using an adhesive to help the glitter stick. This glitter is made from plastic, So while it can be used for crafts and nails and things it’s 100% approved for eyes and face.


Cosmetic glitter is made of special plastic that is non-toxic, even if ingested in small quantities. (Please don't eat glitter)! It's colored with pigment that is FDA approved rather than dye, so that the color doesn't leach out and stain. Glitter is also used to enhance your outer beauty! Our glitter is 100% guaranteed to make you stand out amongst others.


Our glitters are perfect for Makeup, Art, Crafts, Cosmetics, Decor, Nails, Glass, Floristry, Body Art, Hair, Face, Flowers, Beards, Cards & much more. The possibilities of our glitters are endless.

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