Barbie Tings


Barbie Tingz Specifications :


  • Holographic 
  • Fine/Chunky options available 
  • Pink/ Rainbow
  • 3g


This Pink holographic cosmetic grade glitter is a dazzling and beautiful type of glitter that adds a touch of sparkle to your makeup look. It features a stunning pink color, which is vibrant and eye-catching. The holographic effect is what sets it apart, reflecting light in a prism-like manner that creates a rainbow spectrum of colors when it catches the light.

Cosmetic grade glitter means that it is safe to be used on the skin. It is made from finely milled particles that are smooth and gentle on the skin, minimizing the risk of irritation. This type of glitter is typically made from various reflective materials such as minerals, iridescent pigments, or synthetic materials, giving it that holographic shimmer.

Pink holographic cosmetic grade glitter can be applied to different areas of your face and body for a mesmerizing effect. It can be used on the eyelids to enhance eye makeup, on the cheeks for a touch of sparkle, on the lips for an added glimmer, or even on the body to create a unique and glamorous look for special occasions or festivals.

When using pink holographic cosmetic grade glitter, make sure to use a glitter adhesive or an appropriate cosmetic glue to ensure good adhesion. It's also important to remove the glitter properly using makeup removers or gentle adhesive removers specifically designed for cosmetic use.

Overall, pink holographic cosmetic grade glitter is a fun, versatile, and glamorous addition to your makeup collection, allowing you to create stunning looks that shimmer and shine.